Sometimes you don’t get what you want.

Today, exactly after 9 days of my NID results i realized that it was just over hyped.

Getting into this institute was my dream which i’ve been dreaming since i was in class 8th.too much, eh? well, it was for me. It was everything to me. When all my friends used to go to the gaming zone and for the movies, i used to sit at home dreaming about how my life would change after getting into NID. well, yes, i am much of a dreamer. But i Just didn’t Dream. I worked towards it. Worked Hard. Never wanted anything so badly in my life. Spent days sketching my thoughts. sometimes sketched for days together, without eating and bathing.

But now when i’m 18, when my life is going to change for real, i didn’t get the only thing i wanted the most till now. I cried after seeing the results and reading a line under my name which said, ” we’re sorry to inform you that you are not shortlisted for the admissions at our institute. ” yes, i cried. Alot. i had been working for this since 4 years, of-course i cried.

But then when i woke up the next day i could hear a voice inside me. Well, i thought it was the same stupid voice which kept brooding over things. But THIS time the voice was of something else. It was of hope.Determination.cheerfulness !

it said to me ” never do things half heartedly. pour down all your feelings and hardwork intoit and then see the results.Sometimes you may feel like giving up…But just remember…Never , NEVER GIVE UP. Just do more than what is expected and do it cheerfully. “

That was when i really woke up. i mean ” what the hell? ” what if i didn’t get into the best institute. College life depends on what you do and not on where you are.!

So now, where ever i go, i am going to do just the same things i had planned. will do more than what is expected and do it cheerfully.

Sometimes, you don’t get what you want because that’s not what you deserve?! Lets Hope for the best 😉

keep dreaming. keep expressing.


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