#Random act of Love!

The only thing i have been doing since past few days is sleeping and eating and listening to music.

seriously. Nothing else.

But this urgency and thirst to discover the deeper meanings of small things keeps me thinking a lot these days.  Two days ago, while i was listening to john butler’s amazing soundtrack, i came across my friend’s post about letters and how they store the most incredible memories of people. Here’s a Link to it :


When i started reading this post i was lying flat on my bed, yawning. Slowly as i reached the end of the post i found myself to be sitting straight on the chair, my eyes glued to the screen.

I was greatly moved by the efforts made by the girl to spread love. how a random act of love and kindness can be so infectious?! she used to drop love letters on random streets, in book stores, theaters where someone would find them. Can you imagine the joy on the face of the one who finds a “love letter” from a stranger? I, personally, would have started crying with joy.!

Well, that was really when i felt the urge to do something for others and make them feel special. Everybody wants to be loved. So why not let them know.?!

That day i prepared small colorful envelopes, each containing a letter of love – of hope – of happiness – of life. I addressed it as ” To whoever finds it ” and left them at the book stores and cafes’ i used to visit.

That was it. The feeling after i left those letters on the shelves.? No, sorry. I cannot put it into words. Amazing. Never felt something like that before. I don’t even know who will be the one to read it. there are chances that one might just throw it as a piece of nonsense. BUT, what if it’s found by a person who needs it and it becomes one of the reasons for him to smile for the day?


A random act of Love.


So join in and write something as well, making somebody’s day special across the world. =)Image


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