The Quest for the Lost.!

I was walking down the streets,


Trying to search something that i had lost.

I walked miles at nights,

to different lanes and blocks,

trying to find what i’d lost.

The night’s were scary,

the streets were lonely.

The road was wet and my feet cold.

With each step the night grew colder,


But the desire to find it was stronger.

Strangers came, stopped by

and laughed.

They said i was insane,

without any support and base.

But i stared at the dark road,

and walked ahead.

The search became longer than it seemed

and success was nowhere to be seen.

But my faith was strong.

I took a deep breath and


The nights became quiet

and the lights of hope seemed to fuse. . .


But then,

A ray of Light fell over my face.

It was a new dawn.

A rising Hope.

The search seemed to end,

But what was lost was still to be found.


I walked. Again.

But now on wet grass

with butterflies circling me

spreading the scents of velvety flowers.



I stopped.

a mysterious force forced me to walk towards a lake.

The water was clear and still,

without a single ripple.

I bent.

Everything changed and started to make sense.

The journey was over and i found what every damaged soul searches for.

I had found,

the “Lost ME”.


6 thoughts on “The Quest for the Lost.!

  1. Reblogged this on Deep Inside Souls and commented:
    Side effects of love remains the same,
    We search for words to express “The Missing”
    A blank space which we never can fill with options
    Its pain though leaves a lot
    A lot like living the complete life to learn
    What ever consoling my heart may give thyself
    Its nothing like holding your little fingers on my Palms.
    Still missing you…
    Someone written similar to what I feel missing you.
    These just makes me walk back the past
    You and Me, Everywhere we walked together…
    I cant stop tears..
    I never feared anything in the world than missing you.
    A lovely gift from you.. “Leave Me!”
    Nothing more to say…
    Just having silence unexpressed by words here in my soul..
    Be happy da.. As you wish πŸ™‚
    I too be happy with these faking smileys πŸ™‚

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